Willem van Leeuwen webdeveloper


I am born and raised in Amsterdam and am working as independent webdeveloper for more than fifteen years now. The name of my company is Dutchlion. Begin 2017 I read a message on FB, that was forwarded by a good friend of mine and wherein was asked for somebody who could build a simple website.  It was meant for an organisation that had planned to set up a school in Greece to help refugee children that were fled from the wars in their home countries. That organisation was Happy Caravan.

Till then I didn’t have any experience with refugees or any kind of  volunteering. But Happy Caravan could use my skills and experience and after I met Ala, I was convinced that I really could mean something for them and considering the bad situation the children were in,  I decided to help HC building this website. Instead of four/five simple pages, the website consists now of thirteen pages with some complicated functionality like a donation facility. And when I see the result I’m proud to be able being helpful to HC.