Media Manager
I’m an international student who moved to the Netherlands from Turkey which hosts the largest population of Syrian refugees. When I was around 13-14, I was seeing tens of refugee kids in the streets of my hometown, Istanbul. It was really hard for me to see those children at my age or even younger than me while they were walking outside barefoot or just standing but seeming joyless. I always wanted to do much more than just helping for that minute. I dreamt being with them, trying to understand them, doing something useful for them. Years later, I found Happy Caravan on social media and really impressed from the first minute. Throughout a few months, I watched every step they took and adored the whole Happy Caravan family, their stories, the curriculum they set, the atmosphere they created at the camp. They gave me hope and turned into a point to start from. I really wanted to be a part of this family but I didn’t know how to get involved in.

When it came to go abroad for studying, I chose the Netherlands and had the chance to meet some HC members there. At first my plan was just going to the camp during summer but then I also became the media manager and I’m feeling incredibly honored for that. Besides, I’m trying to carry some projects of Happy Caravan to Turkey and spread its name by reaching more people.