Hi! My name is Gaite Jansen and I am an actress from the Netherlands.
I’ve been working in Dutch film and TV since I was a teenager.
After graduating from the Dutch Theater University, I performed in a couple of plays with ITA (International Theatre Amsterdam -Ivo van Hove’s theater group), and starred in some Dutch movies like SUPERNOVA, 170HZ and THE PRICE OF SUGAR.
I recently started acting abroad, for example, in the British TV-series PEAKY BLINDERS and LINE OF DUTY. I am currently playing a lead role in the new TV-series JETT for Cinemax in The United States.
When Ala asked me if I wanted to become an ambassador for Happy Caravan, I did not have to think twice. I had been looking for a way to help out and work with refugees for so long, and when I came across Happy Caravan’s work with the children, I was (and still am) completely in awe.
I feel honored to be part of the family and I will do whatever I can in my power to help Happy Caravan.