I had the dream and need to do something for and with refugees, and found Happy Caravan on social media. From the first contact I was impressed by the passion and motivation of the organization. A small involved organization appropriately and affectionately named “Family.” In October 2017, I visited the camp with my friend Linda, to do creative activities with the kids. I was impressed by the fact that kids could communicate with us in English due to the Happy Caravan English lessons. Some kids learned in just 3 months!

After my first visit, I stayed involved and helped with some administrative activities. In January, I became a proud board member and responsible for the accountancy. I visited the camp for the second time as a board member. I was stirred that the kids recognized me and even asked me where my friend was. So I had to promise to come back soon! And I will for sure, because it’s so heartwarming to be there and to experience that just a little bit attention makes such a big different in the uncertain lives of these innocence kids. Yes, Happy Caravan stole my heart.