Board Member & Public Relations
Since receiving news about the refugee crisis years ago, I knew I had to get involved in some way, but living in the US, I felt so distant from the reality of the situation. When I moved to Europe, I saw my chance to really get involved.

My experience with Happy Caravan is quite unique in the way that it started out. Last June, I found myself taking a bus late at night to the remote village of Thermopylae, Greece. On this bus ride, it occurred to me how little information I had gathered about HC prior to arriving, and in this moment of panic, I never questioned my decisions more.

However, the first day I volunteered with Happy Caravan, everything changed. At this point, I was teaching English to men, women, and children and I was so humbled by each one’s dedication to learn despite the circumstances and trauma they were living in.

As the 3rd volunteer for HC, I had the privilege to be actively involved from early on. Since volunteering in June, I have taken on the responsibility of Public Relations and Volunteering Recruitment. This role has taught me so much as well as given me the privilege to be part of a beautiful international family.