President & Founder
As a 33 year old Syrian man, I had the ability to experience and enjoy life in Syria before the war. I studied Interior Design and had a chemical jeans company with my brother. When the war began, everything changed. Everyone was in survival mode. We no longer knew how to laugh, how to enjoy life, how to be happy. We lost everything. When I came to Europe as a refugee, I recognized the deep loss of life, happiness, and opportunity suffered by refugee kids. My dream through Happy Caravan was to give these children a chance: a chance to be happy, to succeed and learn, and to build community in their new homeland. Through the means of education and creativity, I wanted to give the kids opportunities despite the circumstances. English lessons gives them the chance to build community and share their stories in their new land. Art and creativity gives them a chance to express themselves and the freedom to be a kid.

My dream is to expand Happy Caravan and expand this concept to other camps and countries in the future.