We Are The Future

We believe no child’s life should be disrupted by situations of emergency

We aim to prepare those affected by war or natural disaster for a better future

Our Goal

We want our students to feel safe, seen, and supported

Through this we hope to create long-lasting core values, resourcefulness, and memories for our students.


we work to rebuild trust by providing a safe place for our students to learn


we strive to maintain an environment for each student to be seen and heard


we aim to be a place where students know they can always find support and stability

Our Program

We focus on the development of integral life skills that will support our students into adulthood

We do this through 4 activities



creative development


communication and language development


problem-solving and practical skills


innovation, discovery, and academic independence

Creative Education

creative, self, social & environmental exploration

Our Family

Our international family is committed to support children in crisis overcome their past experiences, and have a real chance at a better future

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Our Team

We couldn’t do our work without our beautiful team of international volunteers and full-time staff on the ground!
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Our Ambassadors

We are so grateful to our ambassadors for using their talents, resources, and networks to spread our work!
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Our Partners

We are constantly working to collaborating with our partners to build stronger organizations and touch more lives!
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Together we are stronger.

We can’t do it alone

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