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Our full-time team together with our international volunteers supports the work on the ground.

We all come together from around the world and are united under one common mission:

to serve refugee children.

As a 33 year old Syrian man, I had the ability to experience and enjoy life in Syria before the war. When the war began, everything changed. We no longer knew how to laugh, enjoy life, or be happy. Coming to Europe as a refugee, I saw the deep loss of life, happiness, and opportunity suffered by refugee kids. My dream for Happy Caravan was to give these children a chance to be happy, learn, and build community in their new homeland.

Alaeddin Janid

When I was 15 years old, I went to a talk by a woman working with displaced people in Rwanda. From that moment, I knew I wanted to do something positive for people who didn’t have the same privileges as me growing up. Almost 10 years later and 2 years working with vulnerable children in Southeast Asia, I find myself here at Happy Caravan, and every day I see the positive impact we are having on the children’s lives. The children genuinely love coming to Happy Caravan.

Marie-Josephine Hobson
Education Manager & Project Manager

After I received news of the refugee crisis years ago, I knew I had to get involved in some way, but living in the US, I felt so distant from the reality of the situation. When I moved to Europe, I knew I would get involved and first volunteered with HC.  I was so humbled by each one’s dedication to learn despite the circumstances they were living in. From then on, knew I would stay involved in some way and every day I am more inspired by being part of such a rich community.

Audrey Bingaman
Public Relations Manager & Board Member

I have been involved in working with Happy Caravan since July 2017. Outside of my work with Happy Caravan, I teach EAL at the International School of Prague, and run international summer camps at Luethi Peterson Camps. I am passionate about bringing different cultures together to build a community, and empowering young people to learn, create change and act with compassion.

Nina Horakova
Board Member

Since I was in school the inequality in education was something that deeply disturbed me, bringing high quality education to those who did not have access, became part of my life goal. When I saw the how motivated the Happy Caravan students living in the refugee camps were to learn, come to school and how they just adored Happy Caravan, I couldn’t turn away and they stole my heart. I am so grateful to be a part of this beautiful community.

Momoko Iwagami
Executive Director

With an environmental sciences background in sustainable development and natural disaster mitigation, I’ve always believed education is a powerful pathway to equality and building a prosperous and sustainable world we all want to enjoy. To teach and learn with such strong, passionate and dedicated students that will be the building blocks to rebuild their war-torn countries is a true privilege. The students of Happy Caravan bring me such hope for the future and I feel honoured to see them grow.

Lucy Hollingsworth
Project Manager

I found Happy Caravan through social media,  and was initially interested because of the emphasis on art and creativity.  With a background  in the arts, I have always had an interest in art therapy.  I spent quite a lot of time researching, and the more I found out about Happy Caravan the more it felt like the right place to volunteer. The children completely stole my heart, and I gained a lot of perspective and learned a lot. Since returning home I have completely changed my career and decided to follow my passion of working with children.

Debbie Isley
Human Resources Manager

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Leo Wartna
Administrative Manager

I had the dream to do something with refugees, and found Happy Caravan on social media. From the first contact, I was impressed by the passion and motivation of the organization. In October 2017, I visited the camp to do creative activities with the kids. I was impressed by the fact that kids could communicate with us in English due to the Happy Caravan English lessons. Some kids learned in just 3 months! After my first visit, I stayed involved and helped with some administrative activities.

Esther Duineveld

Mursal from Afghanistan. She is a translator-teacher for Happy Caravan classes.

Translator / Teacher

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