Art & Creativity

“Music gives a soul to the universe – It’s crazy how music can connect souls.”

We believe creative development is as important as educational development. We feel that art is a powerful and therapeutic way to give kids the opportunity to relax, be free, and just enjoy being kids. We provide daily art lessons and activities for kids to give them freedom to express and explore their own creativity.

Reggio Emilia-inspired art project review – Happy Caravan, group 1 (april 2018)

For everyone interested in seeing/reading the document about the project Lisette van der Maten did with group 1 last april, click here to open it! The kids have experimented for 2 weeks, inspired bij the pedagogic of Reggio Emilia. This means: learning by discovering and exploring yourself! Lisette had so much fun and the kids made awesome things (a lot of pictures inside). Take a look if you’re interested, maybe you’ll get ideas for future experimental art classes – the kids will come up with their own amazing ideas if you just offer them materials!

“I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.”
Quote from Pipi Longstocking