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Iuventa x Erasmus University Bratislava

Date: October 15, 2017

Location: Erasmus University —Bratislava, Slovakia

Outcome: Happy Caravan was represented at this meeting and given the opportunity to bring awareness to young students about the refugee crisis as well as recruiting new volunteers for Happy Caravan.

Happy Caravan Fundraising Netherlands

Date: February 3, 2018

Location: Heemskerk, Netherlands

Outcome: Happy Caravan hosted this fundraising event in NL to connect our Dutch volunteers, recruit new volunteers, and raise money for Happy Caravan. We raised around 400EU at this event and recruited volunteers to participate in our organizational development.

Movies That Matter: This is Exile: Diaries of Child Refugees

Date: March 8, 2018

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

Outcome: Happy Caravan was invited to this special movie screening to share about our work with refugee kids given the film selection. Our founder, Ala had the opportunity to speak about HC and answer many questions about the overall situation.

De Voorkamer Event

The Butler Auction: Charity CO x Happy Caravan

Date: May 17, 2018

Location: Erasmus University —Rotterdam, Netherlands

Outcome: Thanks to 2 past volunteers from the university, Happy Caravan was selected as the beneficiary for this fundraising event. In total, around 4,000EU was raised – HC’s biggest donation yet.

International School of Prague

Date: May 21-25, 2018

Location: International School of Prague —Prague, Czech Republic

Outcome: During this time, our founder, Ala Eddin Janid, made a special trip to the ISP school to meet with several teachers, including our Education Manager and past volunteer, Nina Horakova. This was a very beneficial trip which opened the door for the ISP / HC partnership. Through this partnership, ISP will support HC by regularly sending ISP teachers and students to the camp to volunteer.

Saturday For Syria

Date: June 9, 2018

Location: North Shields, England

Outcome: A group of people from the North East of England come together to fundraise in support of the humanitarian aid efforts in Syria. Since they had been so upset by the images coming out of Syria and wanted to do something, they organized their first event last year. When it came to this year, they chose to help Happy Caravan because they loved what Happy Caravan is doing and believe education is so important for the future of young refugees. Around 3000EU was raised for Happy Caravan!

Saturday for Syria Event

Regretless Life – Happy Caravan Edition

Date: June 22, 2018

Location: Local Television —Oregon, USA

Outcome: This interview was Happy Caravan’s first exposure and entry into the USA. The interview shared information about the refugee situation in Greece as well how we are responding as HC to the situation.

Happy Caravan Interview – USA


Date: September 23, 2018

Location: Museumplein —Amsterdam, Netherlands

Outcome: Happy Caravan was invited to be represented at this amazing awareness event in the center of Amsterdam. The event was put on by another Dutch NGO, Connect by Music, who are working on a documentary about the event, including Happy Caravan.

Karsu Donmez (Ambassador)

Date: November 2017 – present

Location: Netherlands, Turkey

Outcome: In November 2017, Happy Caravan formed a partnership with our ambassador, Karsu,famous Turkish singer in Netherlands. Karsu has concerts all over Europe and represents Happy Caravan by speaking about our organization after her concerts and allowing HC members to attend her concerts in Netherlands to represent and raise money for HC. Additionally, in April 2018, Karsu was featured in a documentary on the Turkish Netlix which included her trip to the Happy Caravan school in Greece. This partnership has brought HC new awareness and donations from Turkey and across Europe.

Bu kizin öyküsü! YARIN TSI 14:00 Kanal D

Slået op af Karsu i Fredag den 13. juli 2018


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