Happy Caravan is a Dutch Non-Profit Organisation which was created by a group of Syrian and Dutch volunteers to help in filling the gap in refugees and asylum seekers lives in Greece. Happy Caravan has a strong commitment and sense of duty to achieve safe and secure heavens and places for displaced and vulnerable people – especially children, women and their families – in situations of emergency and crisis after war times or occasions of natural disaster. Happy Caravan also want to prepare those affected war or natural disasters for a better future by supporting their resilience, education and creativity.

Stichting Happy Caravan is registered under the number RSIN: KvK-nummer: 68216912

(“The Foundation”) is a Foundation created under the laws of the Netherlands. The Foundation was established by notarial deed on [15 March 2017], in order to create a platform to support humanitarian projects.

The Foundation has developed its statutory objectives further in the following mission statement:

Mission Statement

We as Happy Caravan have a strong commitment and sense of duty to provide safe and secure places for displaced and vulnerable children – especially children and their families – in situations of emergency and crisis after conflicting times or occasions of natural disaster. We aim to prepare those affected by war or natural disaster for a better future through the means of Education and Creativity.

Vision Statement

Happy Caravan works toward a world in which no child’s life is torn apart by situations of emergency and crisis after conflicting times or occasions of natural disaster. Happy Caravan is committed to supporting these children to overcome their experiences, and have a real chance at a better future.

Overall Goal

To create a family-friendly space to support the people during displacement and to provide aid for future integration in other societies.

Specific Goals

  1. To create routine and provide structure for the kids during displacement
  2. To provide a safe environment to find support and comfort
  3. To equip the kids with the necessary tools to integrate into a new and different culture through our activities and exposure to a multicultural team
  4. To create an inviting space for the kids to be free and embrace their childhood
  5. To give the kids a therapeutic outlet to express their creativity through art and other activities

The Foundation is a non-profit organization. It does not have the objective to make profits with its charitable activities.

Objectives of the Foundation

The objectives of the Foundation are to support victims of humanitarian crises, as well as all who are directly or indirectly connected therewith or may be conducive thereto.

The Foundation seeks to realize the following objectives:

  • Provide a safe environment where freedom of expression, human dignity and respect are the main priorities.
  • Provide proper a basic educational environment for school-aged children.
  • Invest in children and youth creative initiatives by developing their capabilities by designing a flexible and creative supportive environment.
  • Attract experts and educators to develop a flexible educational and support system.
  • Make sure that children with special needs can participate in the educational and support process.
  • Reduce the risks of social and cultural isolation and neglect caused by xenophobia and racism.


The Board consists of the following persons:

  • Ala Eddin Janid – Board Member, Founder & President
  • Audrey Bingaman – Board Member & Public Relations
  • Esther Duineveld – Board Member & Accountancy Manager

(Together they are referred to as the “Board” and individually as “Board Members”),

  1. The Board shall at all times have at least three members. A decision can only be taken by a majority of the Board.
  2. The Board Members, and thus the Foundation, operates independently from the donors and / or beneficiaries of the Foundation.
  3. The Board Members are not entitled to a remuneration from the Foundation in respect of fulfilling his/her duty as a Board Member, except for a refund of out-of-pocket expenses necessarily incurred in fulfilling their obligations as a Board Member as long as these are reasonable and non-excessive and a non-excessive attendance fee.


The funds of the Foundation shall be formed by gifts and donations, subsidies, bequests and legacies. At the moment, the equity of the Foundation has been formed by donations. It is the intention of the Board to actively raise additional funds through donations. The Board amongst others intends to create awareness of their projects by means of reaching out to their social network, making press statements and through internet (social media etc.) Donations will be done through a secure payment platform on the website. There will also be an Ideal payment possibility. Credit card payments will be done through the online payment service provider Buckaroo. Donors receive a confirmation mail after their donation. Donors can also transfer money to the bank account of the Foundation. There will be at least one annual Fundraiser event.

The expenses of the Foundation, including the expenses that will be made for fundraising, will be in reasonable proportions to the grants made in accordance with the purpose of the Foundation.

Appropriation of funds

The Foundation has the intention to ultimately spend all gifts received and possibly other (net) income, to reach its object, being to support victims of humanitarian crises.

The donations made by the Foundation may be made in the form of one-time donations (including donations in kind) or long-term benefits. The Board does not wish to commit the Foundation in advance to a specific form of use.

The Foundation will also support other initiatives that are active in line with the objective of the Foundation. Each Board Member may propose an initiative that can be supported by the Foundation. The Board will decide by majority of votes on the proposals of the respective Board Members. It is the intention of the Board to develop a selection system in view of initiatives that can be supported in order to make sure that funds of the Foundation will be spent in line with the objectives of the Foundation. Furthermore, the Board intends to set up an evaluation system for donations made.

The Foundation will not hold more funds than necessary for the continuity of the activities of the Foundation.

Administrative and financial affairs

All income and expenditures are administered meticulously by the Treasurer / President of the Foundation. The administration will show specifically the refunds of expenses to the Board Members, the expenses relating to the (raising of) funds and the management of the affairs of the Foundation and the equity of the Foundation.

Any payments should be approved by the Chairman and the Treasurer of the Board for the respective year. Financial statements are drawn up annually and are subject to the approval of the auditor and the annual general meeting of the Board. These financial statements are published on the website of the Foundation within six months after the end of the relevant financial year.

A thereto appointed secretary will draw up minutes of every annual general meeting and of ordinary meetings of the Board. In addition, all related documents will be administered meticulously by the secretary.