Fatima from Afghanistan

Fatima from Afghanistan

Every child deserves to live in peace and happiness, surrounded by friendship, kindness and respect

Welcome to Happy Caravan

Education and Creativity in Refugee Camps

Our dream is to provide basic social, therapeutic and educational support to refugee children and their families in Europe. We aim to support the children to not just survive, but thrive and fulfill their potential while breaking the cycle of conflict.

Meet Neil & Nikki, our volunteers & advisors from Australia, who share their experience and explain the work of Happy Caravan School.


“Refugees face two journeys, one leading to hope, the other to despair. It is up to us to help them along the right path.”
Filipo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees

We are currently working to acquire, adapt and transport a container that will be used as mobile classroom at refugee camps in Greece. Our education program will offer activities consisting of English language, music and cinema sessions.


“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.”

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“Movies are like Magic Tricks.”

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“Music gives a soul to the universe – It’s crazy how music can connect souls.”

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“Nobody wants to be alone.”

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President & Founder

As a 33 year old Syrian man, I had the ability to experience and enjoy life in Syria before the war. I studied Interior Design and had a chemical jeans company with my brother.

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Board Member & Treasurer

I had the dream and need to do something for and with refugees, and found Happy Caravan on social media. From the first contact I was impressed by the passion and motivation of the organization.

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Project Manager

I have always wanted to do something for refugee children. When I looked through some organizations that work with refugees and I came upon Happy Caravan, I knew that I wanted to work here.

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Board Member & Public Relations

Since receiving news about the refugee crisis years ago, I knew I had to get involved in some way, but living in the US, I felt so distant from the reality of the situation. When I moved to Europe, I saw my chance to really get involved.

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Education Manager

I have been involved in working with Happy Caravan since July 2017. Outside of my work with Happy Caravan, I teach EAL at the International School of Prague, and run international summer camps at Luethi Peterson Camps.

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Human Resources Manager

I found Happy Caravan through social media,  and was initially interested because of the emphasis on art and creativity.  With a background  in the arts, I have always had an interest in art therapy. I love that Happy Caravan not only provides an education for the children, but it also believes in the power of play and creativity.

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I am a Dutch/Turkish musician and composer. I have my own band and play all over the world. I’ve released 3 albums and in 2016 I won an Edison Award. In 2015/2016 I began helping with Refugee Welcome Amsterdam

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Hi! I’m Gemita Samarra and I’m a stunt woman, charity founder and documentary producer. I founded a charity for refugees and the homeless called ‘My Name is Human Project’- working on long term, sustainable solutions in education, housing, women’s health and food security for refugees and the homeless.

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Hi! My name is Gaite Jansen and I am an actress from the Netherlands. I’ve been working in Dutch film and TV since I was a teenager. After graduating from the Dutch Theater University, I performed in a couple of plays with ITA (International Theatre Amsterdam -Ivo van Hove’s theater group), and starred in some Dutch movies like SUPERNOVA, 170HZ and THE PRICE OF SUGAR.

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Business Consultant

I am the founder of The Present Movement (TPM), which is a community that connects business owners to NGO’s who improve the lives of refugees around the world. I am active as an entrepreneur/investor in Blyde, as a growth coach for other business owners and a public speaker about my book ‘MensenHandel’ (corporate slavery).

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I am born and raised in Amsterdam and am working as independent webdeveloper for more then fifteen years now. Begin 2017 I read a message on FB, that was forwarded by a good friend of mine and wherein was asked for somebody who could build a simple website. It was meant for an organisation that had planned to set up a school in Greece to help refugee children.

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